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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

We're proud to announce our new logo for the JCHS Class of 2004 Scholarship Fund!

Embracing our core value of community, we partnered with the current students of JCHS to design a unique logo for the JCHS Class of 2004 Scholarship Fund.

Campbell High School's Nicole Manninen, Vice Principal for the Academy of Creative Media, and Jan Brignoni, Graphic Design Technology CTE Coordinator, tasked their students with developing a design based on our scholarship fund's mission and core values.

"This experience for the students was invaluable and we greatly appreciate everyone's time and efforts that went into making this happen!," said Mrs. Brignoni.

With the help of Mrs. Brignoni's students, over 18 logos were designed and submitted by Campbell High School students.

Ivan Ancheta, JCHS Class of 2021

The winning logo was designed by Ivan Ancheta, a Class of 2021 Senior at Campbell. When asked about his design, Ivan said "I chose this design because it best represents Campbell High School. I enjoyed working on this project because it helped me gain a clear understanding of what it's like to work with real world clients and a project with real world applications."

To thank Ivan for his hard work, the JCHS Class of 2004 Scholarship Fund rewarded him with a $100 cash prize. In addition, the fund will make a donation of $200 to Ms. Brignoni to reward her students for their hard work.

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